How We’re Different

How-We-Are-DifferentPerhaps we should start by asking how YOU are different?

We see every client as unique and treat them as such; not just another “little fish”.

We’ve created the comparison chart below because prospective clients want to know, when inquiring about our marketing  services, how we’re different too.


First and foremost  we look at the BIG picture first – From the perspective of YOUR customer.

It is critical to understand your market demographics before beginning any changes or enhancements to your marketing plans.  We help you clarify WHO your target customer really is, what their unique needs are, and what makes YOU uniquely qualified to meet those needs.  This is often referred to as your Unique Selling Position, or UPS.


The way we approach marketing physical products to 13 – 18 year old girls is entirely different from planning a strategy to connect with 55 – 60 year old men about to retire looking for financial advice.

Many times there is confusion as to what type of marketing consultant you need.  Sometimes a task specific freelance copywriter or Website only design agency might be what you need.  But often they can only get you part of the way to where you need to go. You will be better served with a full service choice like WRS Marketing Solutions.

CompareMarketingServicesYou can also use this chart to help you ask the right questions when researching web consultants, writers, designers and agencies. This way, you can compare apples to apples with regard to the services provided. We hope you find this helpful.


  •  WRSiconWRS Marketing Solutions, Inc.
  • Freelance Copywriter
  • Web Designer
  WRSicon Freelance Copywriter Web Designer
Getting to know you / Ramp up
If Appropriate – Onsite Tour of your Office / Facility Yes No No
Interview of Key Personnel Yes No No
Analysis of Existing Website Challenges / Issues Yes No No
Competitive Analysis Yes No No
Review current budget and marketing efforts Yes No No
Review of any Print Collateral Materials you may have Yes No No
Troubleshoot Potential Technology or “Backend” Issues Yes No No
Consultation for WordPress Yes No No
Creative / Strategy
Develop Creative Direction Yes No No
Develop Messaging and Positioning Yes No No
Create Site Maps – Desktop, Mobile & Video. All 3 are critical and different. Yes No No
Map Out Project Budget, Strategy and Timeline Yes No No
Website Design
Consult on Type of Site Needed to Meet Business Objectives Yes No No
Create Device Responsive Wordpress Site / Landing Pages based on Objectives No No No
Create Custom Enhancements and Code: eCommerce, eMail, SMS, Auto Responders, Database, Video No No No
Troubleshoot Any Issues No No No
Content Creation
Create New Text, Video, and Graphic Content / Edit Existing Content Yes No No
Create and Manage Personalized eMail Client Database, Marketing Campaigns, Auto Delivery Schedulers and Auto Responder messages in HTML and plain text formats Yes No No
Create and Manage Lead Generation Campaigns That Incorporate Multiple Media Channels (Website, Social Media, Video, eMail, etc.) Yes No No
Optimize Content for SEO and SEM Yes No No
Project Management and Ongoing Services
Make Recommendations to Help with SEO / Lead Generation Yes No  No
Ensure New Site is Search Engine/Mobile/Video Friendly Yes No No
Analyze Results of Ongoing Organic and AdWords Campaigns we Manage Yes No No
Ensure Project is Hitting Timeline and Budget Yes No No
Final Proof / Testing
Proof copy, ensure all links work Yes No No
Ensure Site Works on Mobile Yes No No
Test all Lead Generation Forms Yes No No
Stay in Contact with Your Key Staff During Go-Live, and Duration of Ongoing Consulting Engagement. Yes No No


Stand-Out-From-The-Crowd-And-Be-UniqueSo, if you want to stand out from the crowd of your competitors, you should choose a marketing consultant like WRS Marketing Solutions!

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