Gender Effective Marketing

Women are the dominant economic force in the US controlling nearly 85% of household income.

Women wield $3.5 trillion a year in “pocketbook power”.  A market of that size impacts every aspect of commerce.

Gender Effective Marketing

WRS Marketing Solutions can help you discover the triggers that make women select, buy, and believe in your product or service as you build and strengthen your brand.

Our unique ability to uncover women’s “hidden” emotional agenda makes us experts in women’s marketing. We know how to listen!

According to recent studies:

  • There are more women than men online in North America.
  • Online stores with female demographics, such as JC Penney and Target, took over the Net’s top Twenty in Sales Rankings in 2006.

Even if you think you have a market that’s primarily male… women have great influence. 80% of NFL products are sold to women while only 40% of the fan base is female.

Do the genders require two different approaches?

In general (and there’s always exceptions) men and women are different. The best selling “Mars and Venus” book reminds us there are many gender differences.

Understanding those differences can add serious gains to your bottom line.

  • Women want to make an emotional connection with your brand or service.
  • Pay particular attention to stressed-out moms.
  • “Dial-up” the information and action; “Dial-down” the pressure and anxiety.
  • Simplify your product or service to support her busy life.
  • Look at your product or service through her stressed eyes:
    • Does your product save her time? Is it SAFE?
    • Is it easy to use and understand? Easy to find and simple to buy?
    • Does it replace something cumbersome or slow that she is using now?
    • Does it fit with compatible products she may have now?
    • Does it make her happy or relaxed?

Women want to be listened to and have your product or service make their life easier.

Because the genders differ in the way they process information and emotionally respond, the triggers that make a man or woman buy your product or service very greatly.

Here is an example of how men and women approach buying something:

Men would say…
Dominate your opponent with this new product
Score big with this product
•Makes you look like you spent a fortune.
•It has ten-zillion horsepower!
•It can haul sixty tons at a time
Win the battle with this
•Here’s a tool you can’t live without
•These destroy scuffs, stains and dirt
•This will increase your income
Women would say…
•You’ll make the competition green with envy.
•You’ll want to share your great results with all your friends
•It’s on sale
•It comes in 6 colors; you’ve got to see them all.
•It has soft supple leather and clean lines
•We stand behind our product with lifetime support
•This gadget is a tremendous time saving tool
•Scuff stains and dirt just disappear like magic
•This is good for your family’s freedom

Whether you are a consumer brand trying to increase awareness, relevance, or penetration; or a retail or service business who’s seeking greater consumer loyalty and competitive advantage, we can help connect you with the lucrative 85% female influenced market that you may be missing.

As a woman owned marketing company, WRS Marketing Solutions has the “inside track” in effectively reaching women!

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