Is Google the best place to get your company ranked or to advertise on?

Is Google the best place to get your company ranked or to advertise on?

Maybe not!

Google is getting Serious Competition from Facebook, Groupon, Yelp and more importantly by the brand new Bing Business Portal in many key metrics.

It’s taken Microsoft several years, but now the Bing Business Portal is out of this world!  The Bing Portal has many, many features that Google Places lacks, and is creating serious buzz within the SEO community.

Over the past 6 months, Microsoft has been making some important moves:

Consider this…

– In October of 2010, Microsoft and Yahoo completed their agreement to have Microsoft Bing power the Yahoo Organic Search Results.

– In January of 2011, Microsoft completed another deal with Conduit to add roughly 2 points of additional market share

– The first half of 2011, Microsoft has made many powerful moves to add more market share.

The result? As of June 2011, the Microsoft Bing organic market share in the U.S. is roughly 33 to 34%. That means 1 out of every 3 online searchers are seeing Bing powered results!



Web Search Market Share and Volume


Yes Google still has the majority of search engine traffic; but can you afford to ignore 30%+ of potential traffic????


Probably not, especially if you consider the SOURCE of traffic.

Ad Click Rate by Search Engine


Google traffic is often more general searching, while Yahoo and Bing traffic comes from more buyer and business oriented traffic which makes Google’s traffic LESS valuable.

“A July 2010 study by online ad network Chitika shows that an individual Bing user is worth one and a half individual Google users in value to website owners.

The value of an individual user, in this case, is determined by their likelihood to click on a website’s revenue-generating call-to-action – in Chitika’s case, a text ad embedded in the site.

Across the sample of nearly 15 million impressions used for this study, Google users clicked on ads at a rate of 1.09%, while Bing users clicked on ads 1.67% of the time.



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