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Licensing must effectively leverage a brand’s potential if it is to meet the goals of communicating brand values, increasing awareness and protecting the trademark. Licensing offers brand owners exceptional return on investment, with long-term, projectable revenue and minimal costs.

However, licensing is not without its risks. Poor quality products, inappropriate product extensions, inconsistent brand communication and inappropriate channels of distribution can dilute a brand’s treasured equity and long-standing reputation.

At WRS Marketing Solutions, whether we represent a client long-term or consult on a short-term project, our extensive industry experience in strategic planning and analysis, product development and retail program management, minimizes the risks of licensing while maximizing the benefits.


We provide consulting services for companies who want to evaluate the licensing potential of their trademarks, as well as companies who want to reposition or expand their current licensing programs. With consulting, clients can take advantage of our resources and expertise to tackle specific licensing issues and projects.


WRS Marketing Solutions’s uses a highly disciplined approach to develop successful, strategic licensing programs for our clients. We work carefully to insure that all licensing activity is strategically aligned with the brand’s equities, and client objectives are met.  With representation, we become an integral part our client’s marketing organization – instantly adding licensing expertise.

Our full-range of services include:

  • 3-5 year Strategic Product Roll-out Planning.
  • Analysis of brands’ licensable assets.
  • Business terms and contract negotiations.
  • Consumer marketing support.
  • Consumer promotion planning.
  • Contract administration and compliance reviews.
  • Coordination of trade activities including press and trade shows.
  • Marketing planning and support.
  • Proactive selection and solicitation of licensees.
  • Product conceptualization and development.
  • Product management, approval and quality control.
  • Retail program development.
  • Royalty accounting, collection and payment.

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