Reputation Marketing

Reputation Marketing is NOT the same as Reputation Management.

Reputation Marketing is Active.   Reputation Management is passive or defensive.

A lot of buzz surrounds the terms reputation management.  There is a big push for some companies to “fix” bad reviews, but doing so is bad practice.  Also, many companies think getting written text reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, or Travelocity is enough.  In today’s world, mobile is fast becoming THE way for customers to find you – and they don’t want to read long boring reviews – they increasingly DEMAND Video reviews or they abandon your website and go to your competitors.

Why would anyone want to wait for something as valuable as reputation to be “broken” and then fix it?

Excellent companies strive to always have a 5 star reputation,  They do everything they can to have an excellent reputation as part of their strategic business plan.  And they do this as job number 1.

You can almost always see these companies.  They go the “extra mile” to provide excellent service and those who care less don’t.  It could be clean bathrooms, a follow up phone call to confirm that service was excellent, or any of a thousand small details that shows that they care.

In today’s online marketplace it only takes one customer (or competitor) leaving a bad review to damage your reputation – even if it is undeserved!

The best way we know of to fight a bad review, or two, or even a dozen – is to have an active program to solicit, collect, and publicize reviews from current clients that will clearly brand your company’s positive reputation.

We have a program that helps do all of this for our clients.  Contact us today to see how we can help you get – or get back – your 5 star reputation by taking the offensive and using Reputation Marketing.

We have the ability to add some special features to your videos that give them extra value for your marketing campaigns:

1) When playing on a smart phone a Click To Call feature that will dial ANY phone number you want when the smart phone user clicks on it.

2) Social Media Link Buttons to help get your video shared on FaceBook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

3) Automatic resizing to 90% of the screen – regardless of the device it is being played on – so all viewers will get a great view of your 5 star review!

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