There are a lot of important tools and reports that can help you understand Marketing and improve your business.  Some of  the best of what we have found and use, as well as some presentations we have made are listed here.

free 90 page ebook

If you want to know the main “secrets” to SEO, download this free 90 page ebook SEO Made Easy. Like many things “easy”, there is still a lot of work to successfully implement SEO. SEO Made Easy is a great start to understanding the primary on-page and off-page processes you need to do to increase your web page rankings and drive lots of customers to your site!

After reading SEO Made Easy, you may choose to outsource the work so that you can concentrate on your core business. Many of our clients do just that; they download and read the SEO Made Easy ebook, then once they understand that there is a real process (not just voodoo) that is best left to other experts, they hire WRS Marketing Solutions to implement SEO Strategies.

Put the Net in Networking presentation (449 KB)

Want to learn even more about effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Call us today for a free analysis of your web site, or Click Here! for a great instructional tool that you can use yourself. Even if you just want to get a “crash course” on jargon and terminology to better communicate and manage your web consultants, you owe it to yourself to get SEO Elite!

What’s the difference between EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE? Efficient is getting the job done well; effective is doing the RIGHT job.

To truly market your business and it’s web presence, you need to be BOTH efficient AND effective. By that we mean that you must focus on efficient SEO on and off page design practices, as well as effectively identifying and choosing the specific Key Words you use to advertise and design your site.

Whether you are looking to optimize SEO, an Ad Words, or Ad Sense campaign, you need to effectively select the correct Key Words. Call us today for a free analysis of your keywords, or Click Here! for a great instructional tool that you can use yourself. Even if you just want to get a “crash course” on jargon and terminology to better communicate and manage your web consultants, you owe it to yourself to get Key Word Elite! Looking for quick help identifying the best niches in your market?  Check out Niche Finder – another great tool we use.

So – if SEO is based on the concept that “Content is King” and you make it easy for the search engines to find your content.

And – Keyword analysis works hand-in-hand with SEO in helping you choose which content to emphasize.

Does this mean that your business can fully benefit from just doing SEO and keyword analysis? Sadly, no.

The third dimension to successfully developing your internet presence and competing in today’s marketplace involves Advertising your internet presence. Just as you probably have a yellow pages ad, you need an internet advertising presence.



National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)

Beachwood Chamber of Commerce

We use for hosting, you should too!

These days there are several choices but only a couple that make sense. Google has Ad words, Yahoo and Microsoft have equivalents. It’s easy to open an account and put up an ad, but tough to know how effective the ad is, what keywords to advertise, when or where to advertise. Like choosing to put an ad on the local radio or tv station, or in a newspaper or magazine; there are many factors that must be analyzed and evaluated to profitably use these forms of advertising.

We will be happy to set up an appointment to discuss how we can assist you in this service. Just like we recommend SEO Elite and Key Word Elite, we have solutions that can help you get started in this undertaking.

Today’s internet is an awesome and dynamic environment. It can be your business’ best friend, working for you 24×7. It can also trap you unless you know how to effectively establish a presence.

Gone are the days that you could build a simple web site and have customers and traffic find you. Today, more than ever, you have to offer up to date content. That means constantly changing your site, adding new information, etc.

If you don’t want to have to go to work for the web, you need state of the art tools to help create, manage and maintain your site.

Just as we recommend SEO Elite and Key Word Elite there are several other tools that can help you improve your productivity.

Note: These tools are for the “do-it-yourself”ers. If you would rather concentrate on your core business and outsource these matters, we will be happy to assist you in your efforts. After all, this is our area of expertise. We can do it better, faster, and cheaper than you can.

These tools can help you understand and manage the process better than blindly relying on someone else. They can also give you an idea of what is available to help create, maintain and manage your business’ internet presence, or at least effectively manage your current web developers.

You will know how long projects should really take to complete and be charged accordingly! No longer will you be at the mercy of blindly accepting quotes from your current consultants, or employees that tell you a project will take a week when you KNOW it can be done in just a few hours!

Ultimately marketing is a complex task that often looks simple. We ask our clients a simple question: Do you want to do your own brain surgery, or have someone help you. WRS Marketing Solutions is the service provider of choice for many of our most educated clients. We educate them in the process to the point where they could hire staff, buy expensive software tools to help monitor and manage the process, yet many choose to have us do this for them. For much less than the cost they could do this themselves, we do it for them; essentially, we become part of their virtual staff but without the need to pay us benefits, desks in their offices, etc.

Call us today to see how we can help you master the internet and maximize its benefits to your business.



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