SEO and a Pretty Website are NOT Enough to get Customers!

Does your website look great but doesn’t get much traffic?

Does your website get a lot of traffic but doesn’t generate much business?

You could be suffering from poorly selected keywords that no one, certainly not real prospective buyers, actually use to find YOUR business or services.

It’s a sad fact that many SEO “Experts” are offering to “get you on Page 1” for only $49.95 per month!  Sad, because it sets up false expectations for their “victims” and gives the rest of us true experts a bad rap.

While it is easy to get any site ranked for meaningless terms like “Pink Lemonade on Tuesday”, or “Best Taxi Service in Green Hollow”.  SEOing those terms may meet the goal of getting your site to page 1; it does no good in meeting the goal of getting real, “buying” traffic to your site – and most importantly converting that traffic to actual customers.

The same goes for getting FaceBook and Twitter campaigns up and running.

Instead of asking where does my site rank on Google ( or Bing, or FaceBook, etc.); you need to ask “What terms do MY customers search for when they are ready to BUY?”, and “Where do THEY search (aka Hang Out)?”

The answers to these questions come from understanding YOUR Customer and their Demographics, YOUR Market niche, and most especially what makes YOU Unique.  Knowing your Unique Selling Position allows you to not get distracted by what are the popular keywords, what the latest web 2.0 social media is, and focus on the fundamental question:

The real question to ask is “How do YOU get more MORE Buying Customers”?

Here are some FACTS…

  • 90% of All Purchases, whether online or local, are Preceded by Online Search
  • Over 70% of Online Search is Performed using Google (But significant portion of real BUYERS use Bing)
  • 98% of People Don’t Go Past Page #1 of Search Results
  • 52% of all web traffic is video
  • More than 70% of all web visitors watch online video
  • The average YouTube visitor spends 27 minutes watching video per day

So, do you want a good looking website that ranks on page 1 for “Pink Lemonade on Tuesday” or “Best Taxi Service in Green Hollow”?

WRS Marketing Solutions has the expertise to work with you to determine the correct converting keywords, professional looking videos, collateral materials, licensing program, etc. to build an effective online and offline presence needed to get YOU MORE Buying Customers, and that’s what you really want, Isn’t it?

How do we do this?  We study the latest videos from Google like the one below to continuously stay on top of the latest tools, trends and techniques – so our clients don’t have to.

Contact us today to see how we can help you add power and impact to truly memorable messages that will help your company grow its business.

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